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I am offering you a set of tools, working through your body, then your mind and finally your spirit to allow yourself to align them in the way most helpful to you.

There is no dogma, no ideology, nothing you have to buy. Just show up and fill yourself with who you want to be.

Before you start, you probably want to know who is offering this to you - You can find out a lot about me here - and i am also alway happy to have a conversation! Just reach out!

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Imagine if everything just flowed.

According to Robert Kegan and others, the development of our mindset evolves through three very distinct phases:
The socialised mindset, which is defined by our community and ensures that we become full and trusted members of our communityThe self authoring mindset, which questions and edits the ruleset of the socialised mindset.The self transforming mindset, which transcends the heuristics used by the self authoring mindset and itself.

According to Gabor Maté and others, we are born with two instinct that are crucial for our survival:
The need for attachment, which ensures that there is a human who nurtures us.The need for authenticity, which ensures that we can make our needs known even without words.
Those two come into conflict when the need for authenticity collides with the reality of the life of those who care for us. As a result we learn to suppress large parts of our authentic being.

According to Joseph Campbell, all myths of all cultures follow the same architecture which he calls the "Monomyth".
They begin in the known world with the current self.
Then the current self is confronted with a challenge, a new world.Through this challenge it uncovers hidden, suppressed potential to overcome the challenge.It then emerges as a new matured self back into the known world.

Now imagine you could make these concepts work for you in such a way that you draw the energy and life you need to accomplish what you want to accomplish like a tree drinks water: through capillary action.

Imagine you had a set of tools, tailored to you specifically that allow you to continuously grow and move through the cycle unleashing your authenticity and evolving your self transforming mindset.

My offer is to tailor just that for you. Your individual journey that you can repeat again and again growing towards the ultimate version of you.


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